Business Connectors in Scotland

Business Connectors bring skills, energy and passion into the community. Across the UK, the Business Connector programme aims to increase the positive impact of business in local communities by harnessing expertise from business to tackle local  regeneration needs.

By using the skills, energy and passion of talented business people seconded into the community, local issues can be addressed, knowledge shared, highly effective partnerships fostered, communities transformed and future leaders created and nurtured. It’s a progressive, richly rewarding programme that you can be involved in.

In Scotland the programme offers collaboration across the local community, developing the way that local businesses and the community interact and benefit each other, currently focusing primarily on town centre regeneration.

Businesses benefit directly by discovering new ways of working; with skill sharing and personal and professional growth amongst staff. The Business Connector programme makes a real difference to lives and encourages a deeper, long lasting relationship between business and community.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Business Connector programme in Scotland, or seconding a Connector, please get in touch with Elaine Gorman.



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