Food, Families, Futures

Today in Scotland one in four children are growing up malnourished due to child food poverty. As a direct result of this, these children suffer from ill health and poor educational attainment, resulting in a population that is unwell and unskilled.

By 2030 the potential loss of talent, skills and resources to the Scottish economy will equal that of over 300,000 people - billions of pounds per annum.

We don't claim that enabling children living in poverty to access nutritious food 52 weeks a year will solve everything.  But we do believe passionately that securing the end of child food poverty is vital to creating a more equal society in Scotland.

Food is an effective platform for bringing together families and communities.  As they come together to eat healthily, children can access play and learning opportunities, while adult family members can take part in confidence building and skills development and access potential employment opportunities.

The Food, Families, Futures programme

During the summer of 2016, BITC Scotland partnered with Children in Scotland (CiS), which ran community enrichment activities involving food during weekends and school holidays in two pilot areas (Ibrox and Dalmarnock, Glasgow), under our supervision. 

Following the successful pilots, CiS, with support from BITC Scotland, will continue to support local initiatives and design and run engaging, educational activities for children that include food as well as engaging parents in potential upscaling of their employment skills and experience. Each local initiative will have its own delivery style and character, tailored to local needs, under the umbrella of the Food, Families, Futures programme.

About our partner

CiS is a membership organisation which works influence public policy and aid its members in improving the lives of children and young people across Scotland. With over 500 members, it has an extensive reach.  CiS will combine its years of experience with this valuable network to manage the programme delivery side of Food, Families, Futures.

The delivery programme will provide:

  • Increased nourishment and reduced hunger, leading to better health and wellbeing of children and their families

  • Increased engagement of families in supporting children’s learning and aspirations

  • Support for development of employment and business models that improve the skills of the low-waged and unemployed to allow them to make a positive contribution to Scotland’s economy.

To get involved, or find out more information, please contact Dr Cynthia Fry at or 0131 451 1118.