Integrated thinking

We work with companies to help them identify the interdependencies between the most material issues for their business and the related social, environmental and financial risks and opportunities. Drawing on BITC’s research into global mega trends and the questions that we believe every board should be asking about future strategy we aim to help businesses leaders create a smarter, integrated, approach to running their business.

Integrated thinkingHow we can help you:

Undertaking a materiality assessment

We help companies to identify and prioritise their material issues to ensure a strategic use of time and resources. For practitioners we offer an accredited training course module focused on risk and materiality which provides a sounds foundation for further support. Beyond this we offer structured advice and analysis which helps companies to identify what issues are important to their key stakeholders and to link the interdependencies between these issues and relevant social, environmental and financial risks and opportunities.

Integrating sustainability into an organisation’s strategy and decision-making processes through a structured materiality assessment helps to reduce future regulatory, resource and price risks. It also helps businesses assess how they may be impacted by short, medium and long term environmental and social changes. This integrated approach provides businesses with the tools to rethink value creation and build their unique legacy for the future.

Exploring global mega-trends and BITC's Big Boardroom Agenda

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum. In fact they are impacted upon by a large number of current and future forces which are a source of potential risk and opportunity. Companies that embrace long-term thinking can identify new ideas for product and services design and innovative methods and processes.

We support companies to stimulate discussion using our Big Boardroom Agenda which covers five topics designed to provoke enquiry and action: Global mega trends, unique contribution, legacy, balance shift, and ask of customers. Run as facilitated workshops at board or senior management level, these discussions offer the opportunity for our clients to take a step back from the day-to-day running of their business and consider how commercial operations are likely to be impacted upon by future external forces. They also provide boards with the thinking space to consider the importance of shared value creation and the opportunity to visualise what this could look like for their business in the medium and long term.