Responsible Procurement support

We work closely with companies to design bespoke responsible procurement solutions, focusing on delivering a variety of business benefits including profitable sustainable growth, increased supply chain security and supply chain efficiencies.

Link icon - responsible procurement supportHaving a sustainable, diverse and collaborative supply chain can bring a number of benefits to companies. As well as mitigating operational and reputation risks, sustainable supply chains can also provide new business opportunities through supplier innovation and collaboration.

We challenge companies to go beyond compliance and align procurement strategies to key issues and business objectives, in order to build resilient supply chains fit for the future.

We can support companies at all stages of the responsible procurement journey; from those beginning the process of developing their strategy, systems and processes, through to those with a more mature approach looking to innovate within their current procurement strategy, developing challenging and collaborative approaches to supplier selection and management.

Support that can be provided to companies to help them develop responsible procurement strategy and practices includes:

  • Procurement strategy development or review
    We support companies in gaining a better understanding of how global mega-trends and other upcoming paradigm shifts will impact their business models and sourcing strategies. We help develop their understanding of relevant issues and risks for their business as well as identifying relevant stakeholders with whom they should be engage to ensure effective development and implementation of strategy.

  • Supplier selection process development or review
    We support companies at all stages of the supply chain selection process to select the most appropriate suppliers for their contracts. We develop assessment criteria and scoring guidance for their supply chain procurement process and design decision making tools to prioritise suppliers based on associated risks.

  • Supplier management process development or review
    We work with companies to develop sustainable procurement policies and codes of conduct so that contractors understand what is expected of them. We also develop KPIs for suppliers and help companies establish guidelines for supplier performance reporting and remediation plan setting. We work with companies to maximise their relationships with their suppliers to provide continuous improvement and shared value.

  • Supplier reporting development or review
    Regular reporting builds trust between companies and their external stakeholders. BITC supports companies to develop meaningful KPIs and reporting frameworks that can most effectively communicate the impacts of supplier engagement activities