History of the CommunityMark

Companies are developing beyond cheque-book charity towards sustainable community partnerships. CommunityMark has evolved alongside this as a national standard of best practice for community investment management.

Good from the inside out - since 2008


The CommunityMark launched in 2007 by Business in the Community as the UK's only national standard that recognises businesses demonstrating excellence in community investment.

In its inaugural year, 20 pioneer companies celebrated their achievement of the standard.  Since then, almost fifty companies in total have been awarded the CommunityMark.  Registrations for the standard are submitted biannually, and companies who have achieved the Mark are monitored after 18 months to ensure their commitment to community investment remains ongoing.

Establishing the CommunityMark built on our 26 years of work with the Percent Standard and the Corporate Responsibility Index.  It provided new standards and forms of recognition for the next generation of developments in corporate community investment, responding to changes in the way companies were addressing issues affecting the communities they worked in.

The CommunityMark was created in consultation with representatives from the London Benchmarking Group, National Council for Volunteering Organisations, Charities Aid FoundationOffice of the Third Sector and Volunteering England. The scheme was subsequently piloted with 33 companies representing a cross section of sectors, sizes, and approaches to corporate community investment and opened for applications in October 2007.