Highly Commended 2012

Every winner of a Responsible Business Award for the past five years.

iDT Labs: Winners of the UPS International Disaster Relief Award (Small Company) 2016

iDT Labs - Automated Worker Registration and Payroll Database for Ebola Response Workers

iDT Labs developed a hazard payment solution which helped to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis and established their reputation in ICT for development.

Published: July 2016
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company: Winner of the UPS International Disaster Relief Award (Large Company) 2016

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company - Revival of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

By working together with other companies to mobilise private sector resources in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company provided vital support to communities and helped to restore markets.

Published: July 2016
AmicusHorizon: Winners of the Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award 2016 (Small Company)

AmicusHorizon - Contractor and Supplier Giving Back Scheme and Motiv8

AmicusHorizon is a large housing association which wants to support its residents into work and build stronger communities. Stronger communities house better residents so everybody wins. 

Published: July 2016
Fujitsu - Responsible Business of the Year 2015

Fujitsu - Responsible Business of the Year Award

Fujitsu is a leading information and communication technology company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services.  It integrates critical world issues into all of its strategic planning, and aims to use its passion for ICT to be an architect of the future, helping the planet get ready for 9 billion people.

Published: July 2015
St Leger Homes of Doncaster: Winners of the Championing an Ageing Workforce Award

St Leger Homes of Doncaster - New Directions Programme

St Leger Homes' older workers are supported to retrain and work flexibly so that individuals are not forced out of employment.

Published: July 2016
The Manila Water Company: Winners of the Unilever Global Development Award 2016

Manila Water Company - Water for the Poor Program

The Manila Water Company is helping people in poor urban communities to access clean, safe, affordable water, while improving the quality of the water supply and growing a new customer base.

Published: July 2016
Glasgow Caledonian University: Winners of the Education Award

Glasgow Caledonian University - The Caledonian Club

11,000 students from some of Glasgow’s most deprived areas have had their aspirations boosted and prospects improved thanks to Glasgow Caledonian University’s Caledonian Club project.

Published: July 2016
Tags: Education
Whitbread: Winner of the Asda Environmental Leadership Award 2016

Whitbread - Costa Eco-Pod and Hub, by Premier Inn

Hospitality company Whitbread is tackling climate change and making savings through two new environmentally friendly building projects, the Costa Eco-Pod and the Hub hotel, from Premier Inn.

Published: July 2016
Bolton at Home: Winners of the Employment for Excluded Groups Award

Bolton at Home - Securing jobs within the supply chain

The cycle of long-term unemployment is being broken by Bolton at Home’s employment programme. Tenants are helped into work and are then better able to pay their rents.

Published: July 2016
Tags: Employment
NFU Mutual: Winners of the Samworth Brothers Rural Action Award 2016

NFU Mutual - The Farm Safety Foundation

Thousands of young farmers are learning how to stay safe at work thanks to the Farm Safety Foundation, established by NFU Mutual. Farming is Britain’s most hazardous industry; the charity wants to change that.

Published: July 2016
Sky: Winners of the Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award (Large Company) 2016

Sky - Sky Academy Starting Out

Starting Out is a Sky Academy initiative that uses TV, creativity and sport to help young people build practical skills and experience. The programme provides over 1,000 work related opportunities for young people each year.  

Published: July 2016
Investec: Winners of the 2016 Experian Building Stronger Communities Award in recognition of Sir John Peace

Investec - Beyond Business

Beyond Business is a social enterprise incubation programme run by specialist bank and asset manager Investec in partnership with the Bromley by Bow Centre. The programme nurtures east London businesses which have a positive social impact. 

Published: July 2016
Veolia: Business in the Community's Responsible Business of the Year 2016

Veolia - Resourcing the world

Resource management company Veolia's services benefit the UK population through recycling collection and delivery, water treatment and management, low carbon and renewable heat and electricity, and by providing new materials to industry.

Published: July 2016
2017 Responsible Business of the Year winner planter

Anglian Water - Winner of Business in the Community's Responsible Business of the Year Award

Through its Love Every Drop strategy, the regional water business has a plan that will see it achieve net carbon neutrality by the middle of the century.

Published: July 2017
2017 Responsible Business of the Year winner planter

SunnyMoney - Winner of The Unilever Global Development Award

Rural African communities continue to benefit from SunnyMoney’s unique model that brings clean and affordable light to the masses, helping to eradicate dirty kerosene lamps once and for all.

Published: July 2017