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Building Stronger Communities

Recognising genuine partnerships between businesses and community organisations, where businesses have worked with a community partner to identify and address a key social issue. The award will recognise sustainable projects or initiatives that are making a lasting impact.

Building Stronger Communities recognises projects that deliver a long-term and sustainable difference to a specific social issue not addressed elsewhere in the Responsible Business Award categories, through partnerships between businesses and other organisations.


All projects entered into Building Stronger Communities need to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Clear evidence of working in partnership with a community organisation or a cross-sector partnership;

  • Clear evidence of tackling a social issue;

  • Clear evidence of benefits for wider society (focusing on the social issues), and for the business;

  • Application focused on a project or initiative with clear objectives – we do not ask for your whole community investment programme (this is recognised by our CommunityMark).

Projects can be of any size and scope - local, regional or national level - as long as they meet the other criteria for the category.

This category includes any projects that are not covered by our other Award categories. For example:

  • projects that are focused on education/school partnerships should be entered into the Education Award;

  • projects that focus on partnership with arts based initiatives should enter the Arts & Business awards;

  • projects that focus on supporting social enterprises should enter the Enterprise Award;

  • projects that focus on supporting people into employment should enter one of our Tackling unemployment categories.