The Corporate Responsibility Index

Our CR Index challenges companies to devise and deliver business strategies that have responsibility at their heart. It does it by conducting a gap analysis, benchmarking against industry peers, and recognising and communicating achievement. The 2016 listings and analysis are available below.

2016 Insights report

This year's report finds that global megatrends are increasingly being considered by companies, but true long-term thinking is still rare. It includes in-depth analysis of four sectors. Read more.

About the Index

Developed in consultation with business leaders the first CR Index survey was launched in 2002. In addition to being a public exercise in transparency the CR Index is a robust tool to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice. Read more.

The CR Index is a flag to wave and build pride amongst employees, a reference 'bible' of all CR activities, and a torch to shine a light on areas where business can do more.

- Bridget Jackson,
Director of Sustainability, PwC

CR Index stages



Companies can choose to use the tool on a modular or private basis.

  • Private participation is designed for companies which require guidance and feedback to help organisations better integrate and improve their CR performance

  • Modular access allows members to complete specific sections of the CR Index using the new online tool and receive an immediate report, with scores for all or specific sections of the CR Index.

  • Global participation is designed for businesses with worldwide operations, recognised in various countries all over the world it has been used as an international management and benchmarking tool since 2003.

Benefits of Participation

Today, competitive and resilient organisations must understand and manage the very real risks and opportunities that social and environmental issues present and seek to integrate responsible business principles and practice throughout their operations and strategy. As such, the CR Index aims to challenge and support businesses on their collective journey towards a more sustainable future.

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