About the CR Index

Developed in consultation with business leaders the first CR Index survey was launched in 2002. In addition to it being a public exercise in transparency the Index is a robust tool to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice.

It takes the form of an online survey and companies follow a self-assessment process intended to help them identify both the strengths in their management and performance and gaps, where future progress can be made. Business in the Community believes that self-assessment is the starting point for action and improvement.

All submissions must be signed off at main board level to ensure director-level commitment to the veracity of the responses to the survey. The team at Business in the Community reviews submissions to ensure consistency and reliability, both between and within company submissions.

CR Index Framework

The CR Index follows a systematic approach to managing, measuring and reporting on business responsible business practices, companies are assessed using the framework below.

CR Index JourneyCorporate Strategy looks at the main corporate responsibility risks and opportunities to the business and how these are being identified and then addressed through strategy, policies and responsibilities held at a senior level in the company.

Integration is about how companies organise, manage and embed corporate responsibility into their operations through KPIs, performance management, effective stakeholder engagement and reporting.

Management builds on the Integration section looking at how companies are managing their risks and opportunities in the areas of Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace.

Performance and Impact asks companies to report performance in a range of social and environmental impacts areas. Participants complete three environmental and three social areas based on the relevance to their business.