CR Index Global Participation

The CR Index has been used as a international management and benchmarking tool since 2003. Tried and tested by businesses with global operations, it is recognised in various countries all over the world.

While over 50 companies across Australia and New Zealand have participated in the CR Index over the past 10 years, the average A&NZ results lag their global and UK peers. This should be of concern to A&NZ companies that may in fact be performing well, but do not have a credible and independent way of letting their customers and stakeholders know that they take corporate responsibility and sustainability seriously. This index provides a unique opportunity for companies to publically profile their performance.

- Alan Dayeh (Lead CSAP),
A&NZ Regional Manager
In some countries the CR Index is run as a national benchmark by BITC partners (e.g. Net Balance in Australia and the Corporate Responsible Institute in Greece), while in others it is used as part of our bespoke benchmarking advisory services (e.g. Global Portfolio Benchmarking) as a framework to guide management,  measurement and reporting on social and environmental issues.

87 companies outside the UK have used the CR Index, including: Unilever, Diagio, Hallmark Cards, Laing O'Rourke, Legal & General.

Australia & New Zealand

The CR Index has been used in Australia since 2003. In 2012, BITC announced Net Balance Foundation as its local coordinator to re-launch and manage the CR Index in Australia and New Zealand (A&NZ). Participation for A&NZ companies runs in parallel with the UK annual cycle and managed through BITC online survey portal.  

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By using the Global Portfolio Benchmarking process within Legal General Group, we have created a universal language and structure to understand what happened naturally within overseas businesses. The CR Index is flexible enough to accommodate local responsible business activities as well as global standards and has resulted in tangible public commitments to improve our responsible business performance. All of our overseas business improved their CR Index performance as a result of this focus and flexibility.

- Graham Precey,
Head of Corporate and Social Responsibility, Legal & General Group


In 2008, BITC partnered up with the Corporate Responsible Institute (CRI) which exclusively represents the CR Index in Greece. The results of the CR Index 2012 in Greece were successfully announced during an official ceremony that took place in May 2013, at the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel. Click here for the latest press release.The annual award ceremony, which enjoys wide media coverage, represents an important event in Greece, bringing together businesses, as well as political and social stakeholders.

The Corporate Responsibility Institute has been running the CR Index for 5 consecutive years (CR Index 2008 – 2012). Since 2008 24 leading Greek and multinational companies operating in Greece have been awarded with Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Click here to view the results and ranking.

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Doing the benchmark was a very interesting experience for us. Support by BITC team was excellent throughout. Most valuable for us is the report providing concrete suggestions for further steps and best practices which will help us improve our sustainability performance and impact.

- Claudia Graziani,
BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH Director Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability

Global Portfolio Benchmarking

The CR Index framework is also often used by international companies for the purpose of a global baseline assessment or a benchmark of management practices and performance of regional business units. Results of such comparison allow group strategy to be informed by regional/divisional strengths and weaknesses as well as initiate better cooperation between entities and facilitate group level coordination across the entire CR agenda.

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CR Index - Private

CR Index can be used confidentially as a management tool by companies in countries where BITC does not have any partners. BITC’s team of consultants can provide guidance and support for companies who wants to integrate CR into their operations. Besides detailed feedback, participating companies can be compared against the performance of leading businesses.

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