CR Index - Private

CR Index - Private allows companies to take part in the CR Index on a confidential basis and focuses on its value as a management tool and gap analysis.

It delivers the benefits of the CR Index with additional guidance and advice

The CR Index - Private exercise is very useful in focusing a company on the process of analysing its performance against a set of designed questions to bring out any shortcomings and weaknesses, which enable the company to set out an achievable plan for improvement.

- Ken Young,
Environmental Officer, St. James's Place Plc


CR Index - Private is available to all companies.

Process and Timelines

Private participation is available all year and has no specific submission deadline which allows for the findings to feed into other CR reporting commitments.

Feedback Options

Every CR index - Private participant receives a Scores Report (CR Index Scores Report - Example ), which graphically displays management and performance scores across all the key areas and benchmark these scores against those of sector peers and the overall average of all CR Index participants. In addition, all participants select one of the following feedback reports. Should you require it, we can also tailor these options to suit the specific needs of your company.

Option 1: Gap Analysis

This short report presents top level findings, including strengths and gaps, as well as recommendations. (This option is not recommended for the first time participants)

Option 2: Performance Analysis

This option includes a presentation, which aims to provide companies with a better understanding of their performance in the CR Index. The presentation covers areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as suggests next steps needed for improvement. In addition, companies receive information about missed scores, which helps identify opportunities for improvement and best practice examples, supporting BITC's recommendations.

Option 3: Management Report

In addition to the Scores Report and Performance Analysis presentation, this option includes a narrative report. The Management Report covers similar content but explained in great detail and accompanied by practical advice, recommended actions for improvement and best practice examples, which can be used in the future.

Bespoke Benchmarking


Global Portfolio Benchmarking

The CR Index framework can be used to compare regional/ sub business units against each other or the group to allow group strategy to be informed by regional/divisional strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to initiate better cooperation between entities and facilitate group level coordination across the entire CR agenda.

Who is it for?

This option is designed for large or multinational companies. The following case studies demonstrate the benefits of participation.

Global Portfolio Legal and General Case Study 2013 

Global Portfolio Legal and General Case Study 2010

Environment Index - Private Benchmarking

The Environment Index uses the CR Index as a tool to measure how companies integrate environmental elements within its core business practice. The results are being compared with sector peers, without the need of public disclosure.

Who is it for?

This option is for businesses who are interested in using a framework of best practice to guide their approach to environmental management systems (EMS).


Have you heard about our new option?

Due to high demand, BITC developed a new option for companies interested in using the CR Index:

Supported Submission – designed for first time participants who may need for instance:

  • Determine the level of information needed for the submission

  • Review and select relevant files to support the company's responses

  • Consolidate CR information and data to accommodate the structural changes within the company

  • Identify best ways to report data on the basis of the CR Index framework