CR Index 2014: Create the culture needed in future

Developing leaders that will continue to push a responsible culture is critical to business. In fact, BITC's recent survey of its membership found that 70% believe that developing future leaders around sustainability is crucial for their future success.

Leading businesses that completed the CR Index in 2014 are clearly active in developing senior managers to ensure a culture of sustainability grows in the business long term.

86% of participant companies say their Training & Development for senior management includes how the organisation will contribute to a sustainable growing economy. These companies develop managers with sufficient knowledge to identify the risk and opportunities presented by a sustainable economy and to translate that into successful business strategies.

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Fujitsu senior management and regional leadership teams completed e-learning on environmental awareness, which encourages them to think about their global responsibility as an ICT company.

KPMG partner with Shelter to research the risks and opportunities of investment in housing, and its impact on the economy.

Calor Gas’ senior management have annual training to look at external environmental factors including how to contribute to a sustainable growing economy.

Veolia Environnement’s CEO, Estelle Brachlianoff, has championed sustainability and dedicated time to communicating the company’s vision to employees via interactive regional road shows.

Heathrow gave board members and senior managers training on the ‘Responsible Heathrow 2020’, sustainability strategy programme including how individual businesses can support its delivery.

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