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CR Index 2012 - Online Report

2012 Insights Report

Business in the Community is delighted to celebrate the 10th annual CR Index survey and company ranking. Our 2012 report presents this year’s results and demonstrates how over the past ten years we have seen substantial shifts, in the business environment, the expectations of stakeholders and society in general.

CR Index 2012 Facts10 years of benchmarking and integrating responsible business practice.

We congratulate all the companies that have taken the important step and assessed themselves against the Index over this period. We are particularly proud of the 37 companies that have shown continued commitment to using the tool since it was launched in 2002 and have paved the way for others to follow.

Sector Analysis

Through the CR Index, companies report on key environmental and social issues their organisations are facing. Based on an analysis of company responses to the 2011 and 2012 CR Index surveys BITC has produced six sector reports discussing the risks and opportunities these facing business over the past two years and highlights pockets of excellence from companies addressing these challenges.

Construction and Materials

A diverse sector, which includes construction companies and related services, as well as extractive industries. Issues relating to waste, water, supply chain, youth unemployment and health & safety are among the key social and environmental concerns for the sector. Download Report

Financial Services

Made up of high street banks, insurance companies and other speciality finance firms. Index participants have identified rebuilding public trust, responsible investment and talent management as the key areas for the sector. Download Report

Food and Beverage

Companies producing packaged foods, dairy products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and tobacco form the Food and Beverage sector. The sector faces challenges around sustainable innovation, responsible marketing, water, supply chain and sustainable agriculture. Download Report


A broad range of retailers use the CR Index. Key issues identified for the sector include influencing consumer behaviour, promoting healthy lifestyles, waste management and supply chain management. Download Report


Utility providers, operating in a highly regulated environment, have identified influencing customer behaviour, supporting vulnerable customers, waste management, a shortage of skills and assuring the affordable supply of energy and water as their key issues. Download Report

Industrial Goods

The UK manufacturing exports to non-EU markets reached a record high in 2011. Despite this companies in the Industrial Goods sector face challenges around a widening skills gap, waste, emissions and energy, resources, procurement and product development. Download Report

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