Key skills and requirements of CR practitioners

The CR practitioner competency map has been designed to assist CR & HR practitioners to be more effective.

CR practitioner competency map

 "This map is an important step forward for CR. The points of orientation it provides will be tremendously helpful in scoping new roles, redefining existing development plans and establishing personal objectives. More than that, it begins to define a skill set for CR people, setting us all on the path to a more professional career."
Matt Sparkes, Global Community Investment Manager, Linklaters LLP

It sets out the typical business outcomes that CR practitioners are working towards and the challenges they face, along with the associated knowledge and behaviours required to be successful. It also suggests useful learning resources.

Through offering suggestions of activities and behaviours, the map can be used to identify CR practitioners' strengths and development needs in relation to current role and future roles. It can also be used to structure roles within CR departments, assist with recruitment and help organisations support CR practitioner development.

CR Practitioners should begin using the map by looking at key Activities.  HR Managers should begin by looking at key Behaviours.



Case studies

How the map has been used by companies, and examples of key behaviours in action.

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The Competency Map is designed to assist CR and HR practitioners to be more effective.

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