Introduction to Corporate Responsibility

This one day course looks at what CR is and what it's importance is for your company. It features presentations from business speakers on their experiences developing and integrating CR strategies.

This specialised workshop has been designed and facilitated by Business in the Community’s most experienced staff, including Stephen Farrell, Training & Development Associate. Stephen will also be joined by expert company speakers showcasing their CR experiences.

The course was both enjoyable and informative, and I left very excited about organising and applying a programme for my organisation. Since attending I have developed a Corporate Responsibility model for the company.

- Laura Middlemass,
Project Manager, Energy Saving Trust advice centre North East

This course will next run on 5 November 2012, at Business in the Community, 137 Shepherdess Walk, London, N1 7RQ.

Prices for this course are as follows:

BITC Members: £350+VAT

Non-BITC Members: £490+VAT.

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Who should attend?

The course is aimed at people new to corporate responsibility, who may be taking this on as a new part of their job, and for those with wider responsibility who want a better understanding of what CR means to their business.

Benefits and learning outcomes
This course will help you to:

  • understand the benefits to your business of being responsible,
  • scope out what corporate responsibility means for your company;
  • acquire practical techniques for getting internal buy-in from the top to the bottom of the company;
  • use tools and approaches to manage and measure CR activities
  • understand the different governance systems that can enable CR
  • communicate and highlight the business benefits of corporate responsibility

Course outline

Session 1 - Defining corporate responsibility for your company.
Starting with your business drivers, this session will help you define what responsible business practice means for your company.  Using various approaches including stakeholder analysis, you will have chance to think widely about issues and priorities to help you develop your own action plan.

Session 2 - Getting internal buy-in, a business perspective.
A speaker from a leading company will give a frank account of how they have tried to communicate corporate responsibility throughout their business, outlining what has worked and what hasn’t.

Session 3 - An integrated approach to corporate responsibility.
This session will give you a framework to conduct your own review of how your company is managing and integrating corporate responsibility, and highlight the gaps. Other management models will be introduced including the EFQM Model and the CR Index.

Session 4 - Managing corporate responsibility within a business, a business perspective.
A speaker from a leading company will outline how the business has integrated and structured corporate responsibility within its business.

Session 5 - Structure and process
We explore and critique a range of governance structures that are used in companies to help embed Corporate Responsibility.