Commits self to work towards goals and achieving standards of excellence. Strives for continual performance improvement. Shows enthusiasm and persistence to make progress and achieve desired outcomes.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Achievement1) Continuous improvement

  • Develops plans to improve CR performance

  • Ensures targets are SMART and challenging

  • Seeks continual improvement

  • Asks others what will make a difference to stretch and move the organisation forward

  • Uses 3rd party evaluation to look at things from a fresh perspective

  • Probes the experts to establish realistic stretch objectives

  • Is curious and probes and asks questions to find opportunities

  • Uses employee opinion surveys to understand how employee communications are working

  • Seeks feedback from stakeholders and strives for continual improvement

  • Learns from mistakes and fills information gaps in relation to awards and recognition

2) Tenacity

  • Demonstrates tenacity to build programmes from small pilots to large programmes and overcome setbacks

  • Shows patience and perseverance to implement programmes

  • Is persistent and regularly reinforces messages through communications

  • Uses tenacity to get data, establish systems and hold people to account

  • Demonstrates persistence, passion and commitment to CR and their role

  • Responds robustly to challenges and criticism

  • Passionately convinces others of the value of CR

  • Is personally committed to making a positive difference

3) Solutions focused

  • Builds solutions around what people need and their priorities

  • Seeks to deal with issues in advance of regulation

  • Addresses issues 'below the radar' - before they escalate

  • Seeks to understand the objections to implementing programmes and provides solutions

  • Develops internal tools for use by business and functional leaders

  • Presents people with alternative solutions