Builds relationships

Builds and maintains good relationships with networks of people who may be able to assist the organisation implement its CR strategy.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Builds Relationships1) Engages with internal stakeholders

  • Establishes a network across the business to capture information, share knowledge and communicate CR activity

  • Facilitates conversations between business units and offers ideas

  • Visits sites and talks to people face to face, engages staff at a local level

  • Spends time with managers to understand their drivers and the range of pressures upon them

  • Gets out and about in the business and explains the CR practitioner's role

  • Uses lots of informal 1:1 sessions to 'bring people along'

2) Engages with external stakeholders

  • Talks to external stakeholders to investigate what the business can do that would make a positive difference

  • Makes time for people from outside the business

  • Helps customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the business build their own CR capacity

  • Talks directly to customers of the business and engages them with CR and also with business issues

  • Involves business clients in community activity

  • Spends time with people outside the business to find common ground on CR issues

  • Shares CR strategy of the business with other companies / CR practitioners

  • Develops good relationships with local media in order to increase awareness of key events in the community

3) Personal visibility

  • Uses networking to raise external profile

  • Builds a personal brand

  • Volunteers to do speaking engagements outside the business

  • Focuses on the long term economic sustainability of the business