Change driver

Identifies opportunities and looks for ways to adapt and change the approach. Seizes opportunities and implements solutions to overcome obstacles and barriers. Energises and challenges others to act on the need for specific changes to the way things are done.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Change driver1) Opportunistic

  • Continually looks out for opportunities and creative ways to get involved

  • Identifies opportunities to use CR programmes for commercial success

  • Adapts and changes approach to suit the circumstances

  • Adopts an entrepreneurial mindset to generate resource for strategy implementation

  • Nurtures good will and trust that already exists to implement new initiatives

  • Identifies easy wins and fast returns to secure support for longer term goals or programmes with less direct impact

  • Identifies opportunities to show immediate benefits

  • Understands when issues are most relevant and uses the opportunity to move forward

  • Identifies opportunities for the company to do something significant on CR

  • Creates business opportunities from CR

  • Seizes opportunities

2) Challenges others

  • Constructively challenges the views of others and shows courage to ask the right questions

  • Uses business knowledge to ask the right questions to challenge senior leaders

  • Challenges current thinking and questions business as usual

  • Challenges leaders to think about the tradeoffs between economic, environmental and social considerations and long term benefits of decisions

  • Identifies good practice externally and challenges ‘business as usual’

  • Actively questions and sense checks data and information provided from within the business

  • Constructively challenges the behaviours of senior leaders in a professional and forceful way

  • Uses understanding of issues to explain risks and challenge the business to take action in line with the businesses vision, values and strategy

  • Challenges the business to think about where their responsibility begins and ends in the value chain

  • Gets external experts in to actively challenge the business on CR issues