Works cooperatively with colleagues and partners to build consensus and deliver desired outcomes for the organisation.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Collaboration1) Builds consensus

  • Builds consensus among internal stakeholders around what the organisation means by CR

  • Encourages people to work together for the best decision for the business, community and environment

  • Asks people at various levels what sustainability means to them

  • Builds consensus on what the CR strategy means for each department 

  • Works with relevant business experts when identifying relevant CR target

  • Encourages people to think about the issues and acknowledge there are grey areas that will need discussion

  • Engages the business in difficult debates in order to build understanding of the way the business should behave

2) Gets things done through others

  • Works closely with HR and specialist teams identify opportunities to achieve shared goals

  • Manages a ‘virtual team’ of champions across multiple sites/countries and supports them to get others on board

  • Enables people to identify local issues and gets people involved in finding solutions early on

  • Gets junior staff involved and gives them freedom to make an impact

  • Carefully matches ability of volunteers to tasks in order to make sure they can deliver desired outcomes

  • Gets other departments to champion things, but provides advice and support.

  • Recognises the greater credibility of other parts of the business and persuades them to take ownership of core issues

  • Enables colleagues and devolves responsibility for delivery

  • Seeks collaborative action to take things to scale

3) Uses experts

  • Acknowledges the limits of own and the company's expertise and works with partners to identify and tackle issues

  • Involves specialists where additional credibility or legitimacy is required

  • Leverages external support and recognition to gain credibility

  • Works with internal functional experts to deliver outcomes

  • Uses experts to educate staff and leaders in particular

  • Identifies marketing and communications people with the skills to sell the CR message

  • Uses independent advisors to establish if there are issues anywhere else in their company's value chain