Data gathering and analysis

Gathers data, analyses issues and breaks them down into their component parts. Makes systematic and rational judgements based upon relevant information.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Data gathering and analysis1) Data gathering and analysis

  • Analyses demographics and social trends to see the relevance of social issues to employees

  • Synthesises information and identifies patterns and structures

  • Critically reviews present structures and processes for CR governance

  • Is critically analytical

  • Performs peer/competitor analysis to establish the company's position in the market place and presents back figures and tangible outputs of what others are doing

  • Conducts regular PEST analysis to identify what might impact the business

  • Benchmarks company performance against others

  • Analyses data provided and actively questions and sense checks data

  • Accurately assesses information needs and makes the right request first time

  • Captures and analyses the impact of community investment

  • Analyses the impacts of products used by the business

  • Quantifies issues by analysing appropriate data