Engages others

Makes it easy for people to get involved in CR activities. Fosters the long term learning and development of others in order to make CR part of everyone’s knowledge and skill set.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Engages others1) Empowers others

  • Shows people how getting involved in CR programmes can develop their skills and their career ambitions

  • Shares CR knowledge and skills with the business and trains people so they are confident in using CR tools

  • Runs workshops to equip managers with the CR knowledge required to lead with confidence

  • Provides forums for staff to exchange ideas, concerns and best practice relating to CR

  • Develops formal ways of educating staff on the issue

  • Trains those responsible for identifying and profiling risk to consider sustainability

  • Builds CR 'Champions' by giving them opportunities and checking on progress

  • Allows others to represent the business on CR issues

  • Help others achieve their goals

  • Supports other functions through new ideas, models, and communication skills

2) Makes it easy for people to get involved

  • Finds out what will make life easier for internal champions and others to get involved

  • Gains employee buy-in by establishing what they need

  • Supports people’s enthusiasm with practical facts, advice and support so they can get started straight away

  • Gives employees a range of option on how to engage with CR activities

  • Implements simple, auditable ways for people to record their time spent on CR activities

  • Shares stories of best practice with senior leaders and gives them opportunities to replicate

  • Designs programmes that reflect all parts of the business and enables everyone to get involved

  • Matches opportunities to seniority of staff

  • Encourages local initiatives but provides company-wide frameworks

  • Creates tools to make it easier for people to get involved

  • Spends time working with international / remote colleagues

  • Develops a culture where employee involvement is fully accepted

  • Demonstrates that they are there to help managers achieve their objectives in a 'responsible' way