Gains support for the CR agenda by persuading and convincing others. Understands others and influences them in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behaviour change.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Influence1) Persuasion

  • Wins board support and gets the CEO involved in communication to influence middle managers

  • Persuades leaders to make symbolic changes to their behaviours and act on CR so that there is substance behind what they say

  • Designs strategies to influence and inspire senior leaders based upon what interests them

  • Foresees arguments against CR activity and builds robust responses

  • Works CR through another agenda to influence without power

  • Exposes middle managers to external success stories and make connections with the CR strategy

  • Generates traction on an issue by gaining the support of a range of stakeholders

  • Wins the hearts and minds of people affected by decisions by letting them trial solutions and test them out for themselves

  • Uses competitor analysis to influence people

  • Uses pressure from stakeholders to motivate people.

  • Uses peer group pressure to persuade people

  • Creates a culture where taking a leap of faith on sustainability is an acceptable thing to do

2) Demonstrates the business case

  • Constructs strong arguments based on evidence and data

  • Demonstrates costing savings and benefits to the business coming out of CR activities

  • Highlights where responsible business practices can win more customers

  • Establishes programmes that satisfy multiple CR objectives and business objectives in a resource efficient way

  • Draws on best practice examples and shows how they can be applied within the organisation

  • Demonstrates CR can be used as a differentiator to win contracts

  • Uses pilot projects to get robust figures and feedback to prove the benefits of CR activity

3) Motivates others

  • Develops reward and recognition systems to support engagement and encourage measurement

  • Uses reporting to get people engaged and makes sure that their involvement is recognised

  • Sets team challenges to encourage people to get involved in CR activity

  • Publicly rewards those who make significant contributions to achieving sustainability targets

  • Gives people a financial challenge linked to sustainability initiatives

  • Measures leadership performance on CR goals

  • Provides incentives for behaviour change

  • Engages the business to develop targets to ensure ownership

Builds CR into personal development frameworks for staff