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Walks the talk by acting in a way that is consistent with their values and what they say. Builds credibility and trust through being open and honest about success and failure.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Integrity1) Credibility and trust

  • Uses track record of success and openness about failures to build trust and establish credibility

  • Responds to crisis and problems honestly and maintains a presence in the affected area

  • Builds a reputation for helpful input and delivery

  • Produces hard evidence to demonstrate CR credentials

  • Is genuine, open and honest

  • Is committed to transparency

  • Uses authentic PR to publicise good work and avoids green wash

  • Celebrates good news and is willing to report on bad news and explain what actions are being taken to improve

  • Acknowledges what they don’t know and when to bring in the experts

  • Encourages openness and external critique

  • Is honest, even when an incident is bad.

  • Focuses on steps taken to prevent further harm

  • Listens to what others have to say