Ensures the CR strategy goals are met by bringing the strategy to life and building CR into business as usual activities. Organises and schedules events, activities and resources. Sets up and monitors schedules, timescales and plans.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Operational1) Brings the strategy to life

  • Uses established approaches, frameworks and models to communicate a clear route for the organisation to achieve its CR vision

  • Sets the business relevant targets and cascades them down the organisation appropriately using a ‘golden thread’

  • Helps others to make the link between the corporate plan and CR activity

  • Makes the strategy relevant to staff by providing links that are relevant to people’s roles

  • Uses reporting throughout the year to engage people, and reinforce how things link together

  • Is consistent in the application of the strategy

  • Positions CR messages to align with current business priorities

  • Shows how existing employee behaviours contribute to CR strategy

2) Builds CR into business as usual

  • Builds CR into the organisation’s strategy planning process

  • Builds measuring and reporting into departmental budgets and planning cycles

  • Sets KPIs that give people accountability and make their decisions more visible to others

  • Gains legitimacy for CR activities by getting them signed off at the highest level

  • Aligns CR programmes and messaging with the corporate brand to make it look and feel part of business as usual

  • Aligns CR activities with the personal development process

  • Designs processes that don’t rely on individuals

  • Develops a formal policy to encourage consistent application

  • Makes people accountable for reporting to committees so that they have to consider the impacts of their decisions

  • Ensures that new CR ideas undergo the same robust, commercial approval process and are not undertaken on a whim

  • Pushes CR activity out to specialist business functions and gets them to integrate CR into their processes

3) Planning and organising

  • Thoroughly plans activities, predicts objections and prepares responses.

  • Manages multiple projects with varying timescales, different locations, different stakeholders

  • Manages to tight deadlines in order to achieve external recognition

  • Ensures that relevant people aren't surprised by deadlines

  • Coordinates a team of people in response to a crisis situation