Demonstrates a broad based view of issues, events and activities and sees their longer term impact or implications. Identifies patterns and connections between situations to identify underlying issues in complex situations.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Self Confident1) Strategy development

  • Works with business leaders to look at the possible impact of emerging social and environmental trends on the business

  • Makes educated guesses on likely future scenarios and builds responses to potential risks

  • Has a vision on where the organisation should be positioned, and identifies appropriate targets

  • Recognises the right opportunities to fit with the business strategy

  • Understands the best use of the company’s resource and where they can add most value

  • Look at issues from a holistic perspective

  • Develops clear strategies that are well grounded

  • Looks to other companies for inspiration when formulating strategy

  • Determines the issues material to the business

  • Uses an established model to help focus the strategy