Technical expertise

Seeks to understand the technical aspects of CR work. Continually seeks out best practice to maintain technical currency and identify new approaches.

Section of the Behaviours competency map featuring Technical expertise1) Self development

  • Keeps up to date with knowledge and approaches to quantifying externalities

  • Demonstrates a willingness to constantly learn and adapt as the CR challenges constantly change

  • Proactively networks and seeks mentors from other sectors to gain strategy insights and ideas

  • Shadows external consultants within the business to help make things happen, with a view to learning from them and replicating their approach

  • Synthesises key information across a range of CR areas

  • Makes use of external networks and conferences and makes time to read trade journals and quality press

  • Uses benchmarking / reporting processes to learn about the business

  • Actively seeks CR knowledge

  • Accesses knowledge in a wide variety of ways: networking, introductions, seminars

2) Collects best practice

  • Sources and applies best practice

  • Collects examples of success stories and wins

  • Identifies ways to reduce negative impact on communities and maximise positive impacts

  • Talks to people who are already tackling similar problems

  • Actively keeps abreast of legislative changes and best practice

  • Uses networks to gather best practice

  • Seeks out and listens to stories across the business

  • Gathers good examples of how other organisations tackle challenges