Competency Map case studies

Case studies showing how companies and practitioners have used the map to solve real problems, and examples of the CR Competency Behaviours demonstrated in real life.

Examples of companies using the map

A.F Blakemore and Son Ltd - Growing You

Using the Competency Map, A.F. Blakemore and Sons were able to refine their already thorough behavioural framework.

E.ON - Driving professional development

E.ON used the Practitioner Map to identify a comprehensive set of skills in order to design a group of CR role profiles. 

Examples of the Behaviours in action

2 Sisters Food Group - from small beginnings, large things grow

Tapping into existing business relationships, and trialing initiatives at a smaller site allowed an effective rollout of CR practice across the company.

JN Bentley - Getting ground level buy-in

Time spent listening and discussing experience gained from previous employers, helped build trust and acceptance of CR across this business.