2 Sisters Food Group - from small beginnings, large things grow

Terry O'Dea found that by tapping into existing business relationships, and selecting a smaller site at which to trial initiatives, that CR practice could effectively rolled out - first to one site, then using that success as a platform to rollout to the whole business.

Organisational Context

Although they couldn’t understand what the outcome might be … they trusted the objectives that were put forward because we’d worked with them before.

- Terry O'Dea,
CR Director, 2 Sisters Food Group
2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) is a major European food company supplying chicken products to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors. Its business philosophy is to work in partnership with key customers to deliver products of the highest quality and integrity with great levels of service. They strive to achieve this through a motivated and well trained workforce, product and process innovation and modern, well-equipped factories.

Desired Business Outcomes

2SFG wanted to have a consistent strategy across the business and to achieve cost efficiences using CR. In particular they wanted to:
  • Get Senior Managers engaging with the company’s CR agenda

  • Get all employees working towards CR goals


The challenges were mostly caused by a diverse workforce with different views on CR, which meant:

  • Targeting messages to junior staff and potential employees who already valued CR

  • Educating others who knew very little about or were sceptical of CR

How the Challenges were Overcome

2SFG had planned to roll-out CR initiatives across all of its UK locations (10 in total) but had struggled to get the buy-in from staff that they were hoping for. Rather than persisting with a broad-based approach they decided to choose one site and really focus on achieving objectives there.

In nine months they made significant changes which resulted in better results than had previously been achieved. Choosing one site allowed 2SFG to focus resources. CR Director, Terry O’Dea, had strong relationships with senior management at the site.

I knew the individuals well and had worked with them on a number of projects, so was able to go in with a past track record of what we had already achieved down there. So although they couldn’t understand what the outcome might be… they trusted the objectives that were put forward because we had worked with them before.

By succesfully demonstrating that CR could be used to reduce absenteeism, decrease labour turnover, increase productivity, and reduce the site's environmental footprint whilst reducing costs, 2SFG were able to raise interest from other sites hoping to repeat the success. An important part of the success on the site was the training offered to senior managers.

… we ran a number of sessions to start with, training sessions where we could actually define the objectives of what we were trying to achieve, and explain to them how it would benefit their business. We focused on the cost savings that they could achieve if they followed the proposals we were giving them.

The CR team are now making presentations at other sites aimed at showing how investment in CR principles now will help the business achieve cost savings going forward. They are also using their relationships with 2SFG customer to leverage adoption of these principles across the business.

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