Circular Office Solution Providers Directory

This Circular Office Solution Providers Directory provides a useful list of organisations that may be able to help you create more circular workplaces.

Collaboration across the supply chain is fundamental to creating a circular office. This Circular Office Solution Providers Directory provides a list of organisations that may be able to help you create more circular workplaces. It aims to help create a supportive network of like-minded businesses.

This non-exhaustive list has been compiled using information found online. References in this document do not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation.

About Business in the Community’s Circular Economy Campaign

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Circular Economy campaign seeks to tackle the climate emergency by making the circular economy a mainstream business priority.  By moving away from a take-make-dispose model of consumption, towards one that focuses on retaining value from materials for as long as possible and eliminating waste, responsible businesses can save costs, reduce carbon and become more resilient.

BITC calls on businesses to publicly commit to embracing the Circular Economy by signing the Waste to Wealth commitment.  We support BITC members to bring this to life through practical guidance and collaborative projects aimed at creating circular value chains, focusing on resource intensive sectors including the Built Environment and Textiles.  The work is led by our Circular Economy Taskforce and includes our Circular Office and Lifting the Lid on Waste guides.

In September 2020, Business in the Community’s Time to Fix Up report identified the shift to a Circular Economy as a key priority for businesses looking to Build Back Responsibly from COVID-19.  Whilst not the only answer, Circular Economy principles present a compelling template for companies to reduce short-term costs, identify new revenue sources, build resilience into value chains and accelerate the pathway to a Net Zero carbon economy. 

Business in the Community’s Circular Office Initiative

BITC’s Circular Office Initiative brings businesses together to learn, share, and try new ideas to bring the circular economy to life in their offices. It is about changing how we design, use and operate to eliminate waste and create more efficient, resilient spaces. These spaces will contribute to the long term sustainability of businesses and the wider economy and the positive wellbeing of occupants. It is a change in mindset from sourcing products from virgin resources and throwing things away to looking for opportunities to regenerate items. Opportunities range from: refurbishing and reusing office furniture and equipment; reducing and recycling food and packaging; achieving greater resource circularity in the design and refurbishment and repurposing of offices. This Circular Office Solutions Providers Directory is a resource to help companies on their circular office journey.

Business in the Community is innovating to sustain and repair our planet.