COVID-19: Digital Technology to Support Wellbeing

This toolkit offers guidance on how business can use digital technology to help employees stay well during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Download the toolkit for more information on:

  • Mental wellbeing
    • digital anxiety
    • work-life balance
  • Physical wellbeing
    • health and safely at home
    • health-tracking apps
  • Social wellbeing
    • staying connected with colleagues and friends
  • Financial well-being
    • IT equipment costs

Digital amnesties, email signatures, and guidance on selecting the right type of wellbeing app are just a few of the topics covered in this toolkit, COVID- 19: digital technologies to support wellbeing.

Responsible Business and the digital transformation

In order to understand and define the role of responsible business in this digital era, Business in the Community with the support of the Digital Champions Network, combines thought with action to set a new agenda for UK businesses.

We ask that businesses commit to four priorities, to ensure a sustainable, ethical and inclusive digital revolution that serves all

  • Business priority 1: Protect, support and empower customers
  • Business priority 2: Embrace the changing nature of work
  • Business priority 3: Deliver services that serve society
  • Business priority 4: Drive a transparent, inclusive and productive value chain
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