COVID-19: Helping the Supply Chain

This toolkit COVID-19: helping the supply chain offers guidance on how businesses can support suppliers and vulnerable workers in their supply chain during the COVID-19 crisis. While this has been written with UK buyers in mind, its principles are applicable globally.

Included is a useful guide to the types of questions that can be asked during the process of identifying the risks and impact of the pandemic.

Four steps to strengthen the resilience of supply networks

There are four steps that responsible businesses and procurement teams can take to strengthen the resilience of their supply networks.

  • Investigate: There is still time to enhance visibility.
  • Prioritise: Do not overlook societal and human risks.
  • Act and support: Support small suppliers and vulnerable workers.
  •  Collaborate: Work with your industry to find solutions.

Do you know your suppliers and the challenges they face?

Companies that have invested resources in understanding suppliers, especially beyond tier-one, are better prepared to respond to the crisis.

Free digital mapping solutions

For those abruptly awakening to the gaps in their sourcing strategies, digital solutions can help to map supply networks quickly. As part of their response to the COVID-19 crisis, some online platforms offer free supply chain assessment to help businesses understand the impact of the virus across lower supply chain tiers.

Whether it is to embed sustainability or increase resilience, visibility across your supply chain is an essential step.