COVID-19: Supporting Carers in the Workplace

This toolkit provides an update to the Business in the Community’s (BITC) Supporting Carers in the Workplace: a practical guide for employers to reflect the specific needs of working carers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The COVID-19: Supporting Carers in the Workplace toolkit provides a checklist covering the following:

  • Carers’ policies
  • Communication
  • Carers’ networks
  • Carers’ health and wellbeing
  • Sources of information for caring in the workplace

About the BITC Age Campaign

BITC’s Age campaign seeks to create intergenerational workplaces where people of all ages can thrive. Go to our website to find more information on how you can become an age friendly employer.

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About BITC’s work on COVID-19

If there is ever a time to mobilise and take action to scale, it is now. The way we and our members come together to focus resource and address the increasingly evident economic and social impact of COVID-19 is exactly why BITC exists. BITC will now focus on calling on all businesses to take action by supporting each other, the people they are responsible for and the communities of which they are a part, and those that will need our help. We need a real time breakthrough.

BITC has several years’ experience of supporting business at moments of crisis to engage in the most effective and practical ways and reduce the overload and mass requests made of the very organisations and partners that we want to help rather than slow down. 

Find out more about BITC’s work on COVID-19

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