How to Develop a Responsible Business Strategy

This How to develop a responsible business strategy slide-set by Business in the Community (BITC) provides a straightforward process for developing a responsible business strategy. The focus is on embedding responsible business at the core of the business strategy.

What the presentation covers
  • How to embed responsible business at the core of a business strategy.
  • Questions to ask of a business in order to develop a leading strategy.
  • The role of risk assessment and materiality assessment.
  • Supporting mechanisms that will help you integrate and deliver the strategy.

The slide-set also explores levels of satisfaction within an organisation and how its vision supports a responsible business strategy.

The slides come from a webinar, which is also available to view for BITC members – contact your relationship manager in order to access it.

What is responsible business?

BITC believes the prosperity of business and society is inextricably linked. If every individual business strives to be the best it can be in all areas as a responsible business, there will be a positive multiplier effect. This will benefit society, the economy and the environment. If businesses collaborate they can have a greater impact upon key issues than if acting alone.

Responsible business demands purposeful leaders to drive leadership at every level across the business 

BITC defines a responsible business as one that puts creating healthy communities and a healthy environment at the centre of its strategy to achieve long-term value.

We were created nearly 40 years ago by HRH The Prince of Wales to champion responsible business.

Today, we have a vibrant membership of hundreds of businesses, large and small, connected by the conviction that their success is inextricably linked to society’s prosperity.

Read more about BITC’s Responsible Business Map.

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