Kick the Plastics Habit

It’s rare that an environmental issue captures the public attention in the way that ocean plastics have over the last two years. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic produced annually, with 10% of this ending up in the ocean. If current trends continue, plastic will outweigh fish in seas globally by 2050. What’s less well known is that 6% of global oil production is used to make plastic, equivalent to the amount used by the aviation industry, so in order to meet government and corporate zero carbon targets there is a pressing need to address this issue.

This webinar acts as a starting point for businesses to consider this issue. It will:

  • Explore key plastics challenges
  • Set out seven steps for creating a practical plastics plan
  • Share best practice examples of corporate plastic reduction from Sky and Morrisons

Make the Waste to Waste Commitment

On the 22nd November 2018, BITC convened The Waste to Wealth Summit. 200 leaders from business, government, academia and civil society committed to actions to collectively double resource productivity and reduce avoidable waste by 2030 (supercharging the UK Industrial Strategy’s 2050 targets) through creativity, collaboration and practical action.

Sign up today and make the Waste to Wealth Commitment.

Find out more about BITC’s Environment agenda here.

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