Making the Journey Towards a Circular Office

The environmental challenge to the world has never been greater and people are increasingly demanding that their employers play their part in tackling the problems.

Originally recorded as part of London Circular Economy Week 2019, this webinar recording will help identify opportunities to help organisations take a circular approach to the environment through case studies presented by JLL, Premier Sustain, and Interface.

The circular economy

The circular economy offers an alternative way of using resources to a traditional, linear economy. Resources are designed for longer lifetimes, repair, re-use and reprocessing. It is evident that we need to redesign how resources are used to achieve a zero-carbon economy.

With the office being home to a vast range of products and materials, from the fabric of the building to the fittings and furnishings, there are many opportunities to explore circular ways of working and to engage employees in this issue.

Read our Circular Office Guide showing organisations how to retain the value of materials, by keeping them in circulation and eliminating waste in their workplaces. This guide draws on the expertise of Business in the Community’s (BITC) Circular Economy Taskforce, and experiences from a range of organisations to guide people starting to create circular offices.

Find out more about BITC’s Environment agenda here.

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