Race at Work Charter: executive sponsor for Race: how to make the case for action and engage your people

This How to Make the Case For Action and Engage Your People toolkit gives leaders the statistics needed to make a clear business case to the organisation for an executive sponsor for race. It also provides examples of actions to ensure a diverse workforce and reap the ensuing business benefits.

The executive sponsor has a role to ensure diversity isn’t just a policy but is recognised by every one of us as a critical element of business success. Moreover, that a diverse outlook on life is a better way to live. This toolkit supports a leader to be a visible advocate for race in an organisation and share the business case for change.

About this toolkit

The How to Make the Case For Action and Engage Your People toolkit covers the following subjects:

  • Sharing the business case for diversity: Executive sponsors for race should communicate to stakeholders the benefits of building a diverse and inclusive culture.
  • Maximising business performance: An executive sponsor for race must communicate the need for diverse and inclusive teams to improve business performance.
  • Recruiting the best and brightest talent: For an executive sponsor to be appropriately informed and share the need for change, they must understand the talent an organisation is missing out on it they do not recruit individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
  • Attracting and retaining millenials: An executive sponsor for race should always be promoting inclusion and diversity as necessary for future proofing a business.
  • Increasing your customer base: To support the business case for diversity with stakeholders, it is important to consider how a diverse workplace culture can build the customer base.
  • Engaging your business: Once an executive sponsor is aware of the myriad of reasons that their business can benefit from diversity and inclusion, the next step is to engage the business.

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