Race Champion Job Description

About this toolkit

Use this job description for a race champion to enable an organisational framework to be created to support a race diversity champion.
The job descriptions are an amalgamation of the activities carried out by Business in the Community’s
( BITC’s ) network of race partners.

The most effective leadership starts at the top

Strong leadership in the area of diversity is critical to the success of any diversity and inclusion programme. Commitment from senior leaders of the organisation is essential at the outset of establishing a race champion role.

Key attributes of a race champion

Business in the Community (BITC) working with the race equality leadership team and UK business leaders has identified four key attributes for anyone who works on race inclusion as a diversity priority.

  • the ability to listen
  • a willingness to admit what has worked and what has not
  • is prepared to allocate time and commitment to the race agenda
  • is brave and willing to take a stand on key step change areas.

Race champion job description-stage 2

The race champion job description stage 2, also included in this toolkit, offers guidance on how to develop the role and responsibilities of a race champion. It provides information on how to promote and keep race issues on the organisation’s agenda and how to be prepared to challenge traditional values and assumptions.

BITC recommendation

BITC’s race campaign recommends that race champions have an advisory or working group, committee or network to support them and increase engagement throughout the organisation.