Work Inspiration Toolkit

how to provide work inspiration

The Work Inspiration Toolkit is a practical guide to support businesses to provide inspirational work experience and workplace visits for young people.

Each sector and workplace are different with different considerations, so this toolkit should be used as a guide to help businesses consider what to put in place to create robust programmes. Included with the toolkit are some supporting practical activities businesses can use, as well as examples from companies that have already developed an infrastructure relevant for their business environment and have kindly agreed to share examples. These examples should be used for reference only to help your company develop supporting documents relevant to you.

Supporting documents and information

Three insight documents

Each of the three documents provides exercises and tools to use with your student during their work placement.  These fun sessions take no more than an hour each but are the key to creating a truly inspiring placement. Each exercise builds on the one before it.

  1. All about me
  2. A look behind the scenes
  3. Career plan
Example document templates for you to use

These are example only documents and should be used for reference only.

How business in the Community is helping create
a skilled and inclusive workforce for today and tomorrow