Would You Be Ready? Small Business Resilience Starter Kit

Simple tips for small business owners to improve their businesses resilience, by being better prepared for a range of disruptive events including flood, cyber attack and civil unrest.

Small business is the backbone of the UK economy, making up most of the private sector and provides over 60 per cent of total employment in the UK1. However, 43 per of small businesses do not have a business continuity, disaster recovery or crisis management plan in place2. A major emergency, loss or disruptive event could put them out of business, impacting not only business owners and employees but the wider local community. Make sure it does not happen to you by using our Would You Be Ready? Resilience Starter Kit.

The toolkit has six sections designed to help small business better manage the following risks

  • Cyber crime – improve cyber security
  • Floods – prepare your business for floods
  • Civil unrest – keep staff and premises safe from harm
  • Insurance – ensure the business has the right cover in place
  • Brexit – prepare for a UK exit from the EU
  • General resilience tips

This toolkit was produced by BITC’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG), created by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The group helps UK businesses and communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. Convened by BITC, BERG is an influential network of UK business leaders and strategic partners that include national charities and UK government departments. BERG focuses on helping small businesses because they are fundamental to the success of the UK economy. Small- and medium-sized enterprises face a disproportionally greater of disruptive events such as a fire, flood or cyber-attack. Without proper preparation, any one of these events could result in business failure and potentially life-changing consequences for owners and employees.

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1. UK Government – Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (2019); Seventeenth Special Report on Small Businesses and Productivity [HC 807]; Available at https://publications.parliament.uk

2. Business Matters; (2017); Nearly half of UK SMEs surveyed expect to be hit by rising security threats. Available at https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk