Membership Contribution - Wales

Membership is open to all companies and organisations in Wales, regardless of size or experience in managing their business in a responsible and sustainable way.

Business in the Community is a charity and the annual membership fee your organisation contributes is a charitable donation, exempt of VAT.

We determine your membership fee by calculating the size of your organisation using the following criteria: turnover, total assets and total number of employees.

The current fee bands are as follows:

Turnover Total assets # Employees Annual contribution
Under £22.8m Under £11.4m Under 250 £1,600*
Under £75m Under £75m Under 500 £4,100
£75m-£250m £75m-£125m 500-1500 £6,900
£250m-£500m £125m-£250m 1,500-3,000 £10,900
£500m+ £250m+ 3,000+ £14,500
Premier Members     £18,860

*This rate is only offered in Wales.

The Wales Small Business Offer

In Wales we also offer a new way for micro-sized businesses to join our network as Associates, so they can manage, measure and communicate their responsible business practices. The Wales Small Business Offer helps smaller companies manage, measure and communicate their committment to being a responsible business.

  Annual fee
Employing 20 people or fewer £200 + VAT
Employing between 21 and 49 people £500 + VAT

These prices are all valid from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

To discuss membership of Business in the Community in Wales, please contact our Membership Team:

Clare Rudall - Head of Membership,

Roger Bassett-Jones - Account Manager, 

Or submit your details in the form below: