The Environmental Leadership in Wales Award

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Recognising those that are growing their business the smart way, through better resource use, nurturing healthy ecosystems and/or tackling climate change.

The last fifty years have seen enormous economic growth that has enabled many people, particularly in the developed world, to enjoy prosperity that previous generations could not even imagine. But it is our ‘take, make, waste’ model of debt/consumption-based economic success is undermining the prosperity of many today, and of all of us in the future, by destroying natural capital.

Businesses need to take urgent action to address key environmental issues – resource scarcity, biodiversity loss and climate change – in order to prosper.

The Environmental Leadership in Wales Award identifies businesses that are developing models of smart growth that lead to effective & circular use of resources, nurtures healthy ecosystems and/or tackles climate change (mitigation and/or adaptation).

Please note: Smart business growth is defined as growing a business’s value in a way that promotes better use of resources, nurtures healthy ecosystems or tackles climate change.


Successful applicants will be able to clearly demonstrate:

  • The business is addressing one or more of the following environmental challenges by: adopting a better use of resources; nurturing healthy ecosystems; tackling climate change;

  • The environmental impacts of addressing these challenges;

  • The business/economic benefits of addressing these environmental challenges;

  • Effective and innovative collaboration with key stakeholders to influence and maximise environmental benefits beyond direct operations – collaborative stewardship.

We welcome applications that are targeted on a particular environmental challenge or those that take a more holistic approach in order to continue to prosper. 

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