The Wales & West Utilities Building Stronger Communities Award

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Recognising business initiatives investing time, money, skills and resources to deliver long term social and economic benefits to their communities.

The social consequences of inequality are costing the UK economy an estimated £39bn per year (The Cost of Equality, The Equality Trust). The consequences of this are far reaching and there is a growing body of evidence showing how these inequalities manifest themselves in ways that include reduced life expectancy, higher rates of illness including mental illness, and higher crime.

Many efforts to tackle these problems focus not on the root causes but instead on the ‘symptoms’. This can be expensive and ignores the question of how we stop problems occurring in the first place, rather than keep dealing with the consequences. 

The Wales & West Utilities Building Stronger Communities Award will recognise projects or initiatives run by businesses that, in terms of both scale and longevity, are making a lasting positive impact on the key and often complex issues facing the communities in which they operate. 


Successful applicants will be able to clearly demonstrate that the business’ project/activity:

  • tackles a social issue in the community in which they operate;

  • delivers social value, particularly social and economic benefits to the community;

  • delivers benefits back to the business;

  • has a working partnership with the community to leverage their combined expertise;

  • goes above and beyond what the business is required to do as a result of legal/statutory requirements and/or regulatory requirements.

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