The Wellbeing at Work Award in Wales

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Recognising businesses that are embedding wellbeing into organisational culture.

The Wellbeing at Work Award looks to looks to shine a light on good practice in promoting employee wellbeing.

Mental ill health costs the Welsh economy £7.2 billion a year and according to the ONS around 17 million working days were lost to mental health issues across the UK in 2015. However, organisations with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity, as well as improved quality of work and health.

Wellbeing goes beyond addressing mental health in the workplace - it is very much an agenda which considers the whole person, their employment and role in the workplace. Employee wellbeing, including physical, mental and social elements, affects individuals’ lives, business results, and public health. After all, most adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work each week. 

This Award category seeks to recognise companies that have taken positive steps to support their people to keep active and well, offer excellent support when they are unwell, and track how these efforts are improving the business bottom line. 

Successful entrants in this category will be strategic in nature and be able to demonstrate how they have successfully embedded an approach to supporting employee wellbeing throughout their organisation.



A successful entry will be able to demonstrate that their employee wellbeing initiative/programme:

  • Is embedded into the core strategy of the organisation, with a view to embedding wellbeing into organisational culture, including management competencies;

  • Has an integrated focus on physical, mental and social wellbeing;

  • Promotes both the employer and employee responsibility for wellbeing, with a strong focus on preventative activity;

  • Addresses wellbeing issues that are relevant to the organisation’s employee population/wider adult public health.


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