Advice and guidance - Wales

Providing advice and guidance to help companies to embed responsible business practices and meet key business priorities is one of our core services to businesses in Wales. Below are examples of our advisory services and how they help.

Action Planning Service

The action planning process reviews all facets of your business, from your values to your operations, and provides direction for your responsible business activities. BITC will identify issues and concerns, strengths and weaknesses, as well as reflecting on your current and future business priorities.

Following this in-depth analysis, we will provide you with a tailored responsible business plan designed to help you progress.  In addition to the plan, you will receive follow up support from BITC, with tools and guidance, plus regular meetings to assess your progress. This service is free for BITC members as part of their membership package.

Responsible Business Check Up

The Responsible Business Check Up is a benchmarking and gap analysis designed for smaller companies. The Check Up identifies gaps in your company's CR approach, benchmarks it against similar companies and allows tracking of progress. Complete the check up and you’ll get a useful report giving guidance on strategic approaches to integrating responsible business throughout your operations.

The Check Up is free for BITC members and available for non-members from just £100. 

Bespoke Advisory Service

Based on our experience working with companies in Wales, we can give you sound advice on many aspects of responsible business – from how to engage suppliers, to developing an effective community engagement strategy.  If you have a one-off project or need help writing a responsible business policy, our team can save you time and effort. 

We regularly work with the likes of Costain and Network Rail; simply talk to us about the level of support and advice you need. This is a paid-for service with discounts available to existing BITC Members. 

Free Tools & Guides

We have a wealth of useful online tools, case studies and downloadable guides on a range of topics that will help you progress on the responsible business journey. Visit our resources page to find out about what’s on offer.