Environment Index

For the 15th year businesses and organisations are able to use the Environment Index to measure their environmental management and performance, compare this to their competitors and demonstrate to their customers their commitment to being more environmentally responsible.

What is the Environment Index?

The Environment Index is an online survey that looks at all aspects of your organisation’s environmental management and performance. Each year around 100 organisations have taken part in Yorkshire and Humber alone, now organisations in the North East and East Midlands can also take part.

See the latest report from the Index: Environmental Performance of the Region's Businesses 2013.  Using data from the 2013 England East Environment Index, this report reveals the challenges, successes and opportunities in sustainable business practice.

Benefits of taking part in the Index include:

  • access to easy-to-use online survey

  • one-to-one assistance to complete the survey

  • exclusive networking opportunities with other Index participants

  • confidential feedback report

  • follow up meeting offering expert guidance to improve your performance and develop a bespoke action plan

  • commendations presented at our prestigious Yorkshire and Humber Awards for Excellence Dinner

How do I take part?

Members of Business in the Community can participate for free. There is a charge of £500 +VAT for non-members.

If you are interested in taking part in the next Environment Index, please get in touch with Elizabeth Edgington

Using the Index to improve and promote your performance

By taking part you will receive an individual feedback report outlining your performance in comparison to other organisations in your sector and all participants. You will also benefit from one-to-one guidance to develop an action plan based on your results. See an example of a feedback report - 2012 Example Feedback Report (1409 kb) 

Your organisation will also be featured on a public results table where you are placed alphabetically within a performance band. Your actual score will always remain confidential.

Participants who perform particularly well are invited to our prestigious Awards for Excellence Dinner to receive their commendations with a free seat for each winner.

If you would like to discuss participating in the Index or book a place on a workshop email elizabeth.edgington@bitc.org.uk  or call on 0113 205 8222 or 07810 181021.