Mosaic Primary School Mentoring Plus

Mosaic’s Primary School Mentoring Plus provides specialised mentoring for children and their parents, teaching them importance of education and engagement with society, and giving parents the skills to support their children through school and beyond.

Mosaic offers a package of mentoring support, using positive role models to improve students' confidence and employability.

- The Department of Education, Careers Guidance and inspiration for young people in schools (April 2014)
It is a unique programme that aims to raise aspirations of children and to help empower their parents so that they are better able to support their child in fulfilling their potential.

Mosaic is looking for inspiring professionals to mentor groups of these children and their parents, for two hours per week, over a 10-week academic term.

Which children and parents?

Participating primary schools will select up to 15 children from Year 5 or Year 6, aged 9-11 years old, who would most benefit from the programme.  The school will then invite a member of their family such as a parent to join them on the programme.  As this programme is funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals, support is targeted on children aged 9-11 who are third-country nationals.

As a result of their non-citizen status they may have enhanced needs which this programme can meet. These could be children who lack confidence, self-esteem, positive family role models or an understanding of the variety of career options and pathways available to them here in the UK.

How does the programme work?

The 10 week programme seeks to equip children, aged 9 -11 years old, with the skills to connect their education to employment at an early age through mentors from professional backgrounds acting as role models.  This helps childrento aspire to careers in a range of different sectors, engage fully in mainstream society and aspire to succeed as positive responsible citizens.

Parents participate in sessions, which teach them the importance of education and how to support their child through school and beyond.

The programme is comprised of the following:

  • Weekly sessions led by staff from the school;

  • Resource booklets for children and parents to refer to throughout the course and beyond;

  • Business Mentor/Teacher session plans to aid course delivery;

  • A visit to a prominent British university in the local region;

  • End of programme graduation ceremonies to showcase the achievements of participants and award certificates;

  • NCFE Level 1 accreditation for parents;

The programme comes at no charge to participating schools or volunteers.

Why mentor?

Children from the most disadvantaged areas typically lag behind their counterparts from middle-income homes at school entry age by nearly a year in terms of their vocabulary.

A quarter of children in England, predominantly those from disadvantaged backgrounds who are already behind when they start school, fail to make sufficient progress up to the age of 11 to reach the levels of attainment expected in reading, writing and maths. By mentoring children alongside their parent you will support and motivate the whole family to pursue future successes.

Through mentoring:

  • You will have the opportunity to help local young people and impact on their wider families and community,

  • You will develop your existing listening and communicating skills which you then take with you back to the workplace,

  • You will be trained (over three hours) by Business in the Community,

  • You'll be provided with learning opportunities that are relevant and appropriate for your role as well as clear resources to lead each session e.g. role models, confidence, citizenship and the role of women in the community,

  • By joining up with colleagues from your business, you will have the chance to buddy-up to cover all the session content,

  • You will receive support and supervision from your local manager.

If you would like to get involved in Mosaic Primary School Mentoring Plus, please get in touch: