Boost: a network to share your skills and expertise

Boost: coaching and supporting job seekers

Boost is Business in the Community’s (BITC) bold ambition to engage businesses, over the course of two years, to provide jobseekers with a series of coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance confidence, competence and capability to re-join the workforce as the economy recovers.

In light of the escalating levels of unemployment as a result of COVID-19, and the unequal impact that this will have on groups already disadvantaged in the labour market, we are mobilising a network of employee volunteers to become Boost Coaches and provide one-to-one support to those most affected.

Through Boost, we will train and equip volunteers from our member companies to coach and support jobseekers around three core areas:

  • Developing essential transferable and digital skills
  • Increasing their knowledge of the jobs market and building core employability skills to improve chances of a successful job outcome  
  • Enhancing wellbeing – helping them stay positive and connected to the world of work

Boost Coaches will support participants to navigate the breadth of existing provision available to help them build their skills and improve their chances of success, including taking advantage of other provision from BITC members such as work placements, digital skills, training and more.

Both business and employee volunteers benefit from taking part

By taking part in Boost business and employee volunteers will:

  • Play an active and important role in addressing the challenges caused by COVID-19. This will provide new opportunities to promote your business as a beacon of good practice around responsible business.
  • Develop employee coaching skills of employee volunteers. The programme will provide access to training and the opportunity to put coaching skills into practice through a structured programme of support.
  • Develop employee volunteers’ awareness of their own essential and digital skills. This will be facilitated through the training volunteers receive and the process of supporting their mentee to self-reflect on their own skills.
  • Build awareness of the diverse talent within your community, breaking down social and stereotypical barriers
  • Have the opportunity to identify and break down recruitment barriers that exist with your business. 

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