Responsible Business Management Training

A six-module training programme for professionals designing and delivering responsible business strategies and corporate responsibility programmes. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

The six modules focus on a different area of skill and knowledge required to develop and implement a responsible business strategy. Your organisation or sector may call this work corporate responsibility (CR), corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability or corporate citizenship but at Business in the Community (BITC) we call it responsible business. Irrespective of the name used, BITC can help you put creating healthy communities and a healthy environment at the centre of your strategy to achieve long-term financial value. 

Key benefits to your organisation

  • Develop skills and tools to create and implement a responsible business strategy and implement your CR activities
  • Learn from responsible business experts at BITC and relevant membership organisations
  • Increase organisational buy-in for your responsible business ambitions
  • Gain confidence and enhance your influence outside your team
  • Receive an accredited certificate in responsible business and six months’ Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) membership
  • Access to a network of peers on the course and join an active alumni network

Module descriptions

1. Strategy Foundations

Develop a strong understanding of the case for responsible business and the steps towards developing your organisation’s RB or CR strategy. Get to grips with the importance of having clear purpose, ambition and targets that have a clear link to the Global Goals. Gain insights into the sustainability challenge and how global megatrends are shaping business strategy and will impact your marketplace now and into the future.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

Determine the best ways to identify, understand and engage with your stakeholders and why this is vital to delivering a successful responsible business strategy. You will learn techniques for mapping the most relevant groups and about when to use the different methods of engagement.

3. Defining What Matters: Risk and Materiality

Using a risk framework and an impact and likelihood assessment tool we will show you how to get responsible business issues onto your organisation’s risk register. This will ensure that they are getting attention at the highest levels. Additionally, we will demonstrate the tools for you to build an accurate materiality matrix for your organisation that considers the opinions of your stakeholders and an assessment of the impact of the issues on your organisational strategic objectives

4. Community Investment Strategy

Discover the five principles of community investment and explore how these can be applied to your business. Our framework provides companies with a clear system on how to evaluate their activity and plan your community investment strategy and delivery journey.

5. Building a Culture of Responsibility

Find out how to use your strategy to embed leadership at all levels in your organisation. You will consider how responsible business impacts all functions and levels of seniority. This covers employee engagement, responsible investment, supply chains and responsible sales and marketing. You will also learn about different approaches to responsible business governance to ensure a whole organisation approach. You will leave with specific, practical actions to improve engagement at all levels of your organisation.

6. Driving Change

Learn how to gain traction for your company’s responsible business programme. This module was developed in conjunction with Cranfield University and will give you the tools you need to identify changes you want to make and drive the process from wherever you sit in the organisation.

Who should take part in this programme?

This programme will be of most benefit to people who:

  • work for an organisation that is part of BITC’s network of responsible businesses or is looking to join the movement
  • have a role in development and delivery of responsible business strategies or programmes
  • have an intermediate level of knowledge about some aspects of responsible business and are ambitious to develop their skills and desire to drive a best practice approach.

Price for one participant

  • Full course BITC member rate: £3,200 + VAT
  • Full course non-member rate: £4,000 + VAT

We apply a 25 per cent discount to the cost for a second participant.
Most delegates attend all six modules of one cohort. Some people take modules from different cohorts and a minority of delegates attend single modules on the topic that is most pertinent to them.

Individual module costs

  • BITC members £640 + VAT
  • Non-members £800 + VAT

Companies can take out a Responsible Business Management Training
partnership through their core BITC membership.

Upcoming training dates

Cohort 28 – 2020-21

7 Oct – Strategy Foundations
27 Oct – Stakeholder collaboration
24 November – Risk and Materiality
26 Jan – Community Investment Strategy
23 Feb – Building a culture of responsibility
23 March – Driving Change

Cohort 29 – 2021

11 Feb – Strategy Foundations
25 Feb – Stakeholder collaboration
11 Mar – Risk and Materiality
25 Mar – Community Investment Strategy
22 Apr – Building a culture of responsibility
6 May – Driving Change

Cohort 30 – 2021

13 Apr – Strategy Foundations
27 Apr – Stakeholder collaboration
11 May – Risk and Materiality
25 May – Community Investment Strategy
15 Jun – Building a culture of responsibility
29 Jun – Driving Change

Cohort 28 and 30 will take place on Zoom, apart from modules one and six, which we hope to hold in our offices in central London (depending on the situation with COVID-19).

Cohort 29 will take place on Zoom, apart from modules one and six, which we hope to hold in either Manchester or Leeds (depending on the situation with COVID-19).