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In joining Business in the Community (BITC), you join a network of progressive businesses who look beyond the profit motive, who want to make a difference within society and who are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.

Together we can

We are the membership organisation for businesses who want to publicly demonstrate a commitment to acting responsibly and invest in building a better society. We have hundreds of members and more than 300 business leaders taking active leadership roles with us.

94% of companies can show or point to evidence that their leaders are committed to doing something, and talk about taking action, but only 17% of their own workforce have targets built into their day-to-day role (source: The Responsible Business Tracker® Insights Report: Raising The Bar), so ambition is not always turned into action.

The three components of membership

1. Membership

Membership is designed to provide value for every organisation irrespective of what stage it is at and its ability to engage.

Membership includes:

  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • Participation in The Responsible Business Tracker®
  • Bespoke advisory services ( see engagement for more detail).
  • Invitations to a calendar of webinars, events and networking opportunities.
  • Representation on our Regional Leadership Boards
  • Exclusive online content including toolkits, insight and case studies, and member newsletters
  • Use of the Business in the Community brand

2. Engagement

Your membership includes one day of advisory time. This can be used to identify your needs and agree an action plan.

We encourage you too, to become a champion of one of the following issue areas.

  • Inclusion (race, gender and age)
  • Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Strategy and Purpose

Through becoming a champion you will be able to take advantage of a range of support activities, including four days additional advisory time, dedicated forums, thought leadership and profiling opportunities.

Our advisory offer
Ranging from workshops and training, to engaging senior leaders and staff, through to long-term strategic projects and partnerships, your advisory package is bespoke to you.

  • Our team of issue experts create advisory solutions, tools and reports to meet your needs and help you progress along your responsible business journey.
  • We create a support plan tailored to your priority areas, at the depth and timescales that you require.
  • Our specialist advisors can help you become more responsible in the areas of: community; environment; health and wellbeing; inclusion (including age, gender and race equality); and strategy and purpose.
  • Advisory support can be issue area specific or intersectional and draws on our proven interventions. It is output and outcome driven and measured by impact and engagement.

Learn more about the advisory services at Business in the Community

3. Leadership

This is for members seeking to work with BITC to demonstrate leadership and drive impact across an issue over a multi-year period.

These are a bespoke offer and may include a place on one of our issue-specific Leadership Teams, participation in Taskforces, leading or participating in a Prince’s Seeing is Believing visit, sponsorship of research and campaigning, hosting and networking, or taking our platforms and channels to act as an advocate for responsible business.

Leadership offers enable enhanced influence over local, regional and national policymaking, organisational profile, contribution to thought leadership and networking with other senior leaders.

Find out more about leadership at Business in the Community

Membership contribution

The cost of membership depends on the size and turnover of your organisation and how many opportunities you wish to access. Our membership team are available to discuss this further with you.

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