Responsible Business
Advisory Services

Business in the Community (BITC) supports our members to start, develop and lead on responsible business and in doing so, become more efficient, resilient and successful businesses.

We work with organisations like yours to design and deliver responsible business advisory support that meets your identified needs. We offer short-term, targeted interventions, training or longer-term strategic change programmes.

What is responsible business?

Your organisation or sector may call this work corporate responsibility (CR), corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental, social and governance (ESG), sustainability or corporate citizenship but at BITC we call it responsible business.

What we offer

Our offer ranges from workshops and training, to engaging senior leaders and staff, through to long-term strategic projects and partnerships.

  • Our team of issue experts create advisory solutions, tools and reports to meet your needs and help you progress along your responsible business journey.
  • We create a support plan tailored to your priority areas, at the depth and timescales that you require.
  • Our specialist advisors can help you become more responsible in the areas of: community; environment; health and wellbeing; inclusion (including age, gender and race equality); and strategy and purpose.
  • Advisory support can be issue area specific or intersectional and draws on our proven interventions. It is output and outcome driven and measured by impact and engagement.

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What next?

Business in the Community members

BITC membership provides you with support to identify an issue area to focus on over the year. It includes one day of advisory time, which can be used by our experts to determine your needs and agree an action plan. BITC will support you with access to issue specific resources and research, inspiring and informative events and development opportunities. BITC members also get direct access and networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders. If, over the course of working with us you find that you would benefit from additional support this can be arranged. Contact your relationship manager to find out more. Not sure who your relationship manager is?

Not a member of Business in the Community?

BITC’s Advisory Services are open to organisations who are not members.

Contact BITC’s Advisory Services team to find out more.

We can take you further on your responsible business journey


Now a few months on from completing the Responsible Business Management Training, I can say with certainty that it has changed my approach to working in responsible business. The content in each of the modules is tangible and actionable – regardless of where you are on your responsible business journey – and always evidenced through case studies. The course is facilitated by an engaging leader, with each module delivered by true subject matter experts – both from within BITC and wider. The insight, openness and support from the other delegates proved invaluable not only during the course but afterwards too – staying in touch, asking questions and sharing progress. Thank you BITC – a wonderfully composed and delivered course.

Mary Howard, Responsible Business Manager, Veolia

As DWP Race Lead I have been working closely alongside my BITC Adviser. I have felt thoroughly supported. We have collaborated on a variety of events across the breadth of my department. BITC have provided that vital plank between DWP and private industry that would otherwise be missing, giving DWP a much needed window into the work of other diversity and inclusion leads and Race Champions in the corporate world!

Sonia Tate, Race Equality Lead, Department for Work and Pensions