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Expert support to improve your organisation’s responsible business practices

Business in the Community (BITC) supports our members to be faster, braver and bolder in their responsible business activities.

We have advisers in all areas of responsible business, outlined in our Responsible Business Map, offering support to our members in designing and delivering on responsible business practice.

We can offer short-term, targeted interventions, training or longer-term strategic change programmes.

What we offer

  • Our offer ranges from workshops and training to engaging senior leaders and staff to long-term strategic projects and partnerships.
  • We create a support plan aligned to our leading campaigns and tailored to your priority areas, at the depth and timescales that you require.
  • Our team of issue experts create advisory solutions, tools, and reports to meet your needs and help you embed the best of responsible business practice across your whole organisation.

Advisory support aligned with our campaigns


Our expert advisers help businesses navigate their first steps in developing and executing an environmental strategy. Environmental advisers support our members with training and bespoke advisory support.

  • Developing an Environment Strategy. This session takes participants through a series of steps to develop their organisation’s environment strategy. A group of key stakeholders from across the organisation will explore relevant environmental risks and opportunities and the environmental impacts they are looking to achieve. The session will you’re your organisation to build a strategy and catalyse your environmental action.
  • Measuring your Carbon Footprint. This session supports practitioners responsible for different elements of GHG emissions measurement and reporting by providing technical detail on measurement methodology. As a result of this session, participants can be confident that their approach is in line with carbon accounting best practice and standards.

Our advisers support businesses to improve employee wellbeing through a preventative approach articulated on our campaigning vision that “your job can be good for you”. We use BITC’s evidence-based Workwell model as a strategic framework for our advice. We design and deliver services which focus on effecting positive change to workplace wellbeing through three primary stakeholder groups: business leaders, people managers and peer support networks. Our comprehensive offer ranges from facilitated workshops and training sessions to deep culture change partnerships. In addition to training sessions and workshops, we offer a wide range of bespoke support including rapid research, strategy and policy support, and bespoke content development.

  • Leading with Empathy, Compassion & Inclusion. This interactive session supports leaders to demonstrate and embed empathy, compassion and inclusion within their organisations. Participants will explore and discuss practical actions that they can take as leaders in three key areas: setting strategic priorities, managing workload and pressure, and personal role modelling and leading by example.
  • Health and Wellbeing for Line Managers. This training course equips line managers with the tools to prevent poor mental health at work and empowers them to identify and respond to signs of poor mental health. In session one, participants will look at workplace wellbeing, their responsibilities as a line managers and how they can promote positive health and wellbeing throughout the employee lifecycle. Session two focuses on mental health and will upskill participants to identify and respond to mental health concerns in their team and beyond. 

Our inclusion advisers support businesses across diversity and inclusion topics, from age to race to gender and beyond, helping them create an inclusive workplace for their employees to thrive. We offer a wide range of workshops and training sessions. We also provide bespoke support to businesses including policy reviews, and the design and development of mentoring, sponsorship and allyship programmes.

  • Conscious Inclusion. In this session, participants will look at the non-inclusive attitudes and behaviours and the concept of conscious inclusion before focusing on the positive action they can take to make their workplaces more inclusive. This session is an action-based approach to Conscious Inclusion and compliments BITC’s Everyday Advocate and Allyship workshop. The workshop examines how to identify bias and privilege and encourages participants to discuss how they might create an inclusive workplace by challenging and advocating for equality.
  • Navigating Pay Gap Reporting. This session gives leaders and HR professionals a deeper understanding of gender pay gap regulations and increases their confidence in calculating their gender pay gap. Participants will obtain best practices in reporting and closing gender pay gaps and will explore how they can get ready for ethnicity pay gap reporting and close ethnicity pay gaps.
Responsible Business Strategy and Purpose

Our advisers help businesses who want to embed responsible business practice into the heart of their organisation. The team can support in several ways, from one-off workshops to longer-term consultancy projects.

  • Exploring Your Purpose
    This workshop will support businesses who are starting out on their responsible business journey and are keen to explore purpose. This session helps you to understand what purpose is and how it can result in tangible business benefits, indeed its necessity in being a responsible and sustainable business.  The session takes you through best practices related to the purpose and allows time to explore how the fundamentals of business purpose and steps for putting purpose into practice could relate to your business.  The session is designed to include an organisation-wide group of colleagues to increase buy-in and create a shared responsibility. 
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
    In this session, our Advisers guide practitioners through the recommended approach to developing a Responsible Business (RB) Strategy. The session explores the different components of a responsible business strategy and includes leading practice examples and interactive exercises. As a result of this session, your organisation will be equipped to create a responsible business strategy.
Social impact

Our advisers help businesses to play their part in creating a socially equitable future by working with their community to create meaningful change. Social impact advisory offers an array of bespoke services to help our members to develop a social impact strategy, engage with stakeholders as well as provide advice on measuring and communicating their impact.

  • Defining your Impact
    This session is delivered by BITC’s expert Community Advisers. In part one, we will define impact before guiding participants through the concept of a Theory of Change, and how this can be used to measure and communicate the impact of your programmes. In part two, our expert Community Advisers will work with you to create a Theory of Change for your programme or intervention, drawing on best practice from businesses, charities and funders. As a result of this session, participants will understand and feel confident with the Theory of Change approach and how it can help your organisation to articulate and communicate your impact.
  • Understanding your Community
    Using a place-based approach and beyond, BITC will help your company understand what ‘community’ means to you, how your community has changed and what support the community needs from businesses in these times. Through listening and joint working alongside these stakeholders, a company can identify the issues that are most pressing for the community, and most relevant for the business to tackle.

Training Programmes

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Foundation Training

This programme has been designed with Business in the Community advisory expertise with the input of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practitioners across different sectors. The course follows an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion.

Find out more about Diversity and Inclusion Manager Foundation Training

Responsible Business Management Training

A six-module training programme for professionals designing and delivering responsible business strategies and corporate responsibility programmes. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Find out more about Responsible Business Management Training

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